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Homeowners in Saint Paul who are ready to replace or repair their roof, siding, windows, or gutters turn to Precision Exteriors to complete the job quickly and accurately. We understand how important it is to keep our clients informed, so we always begin by preparing a thorough assessment of the project. Once a client chooses our company to complete their exterior project in Saint Paul, we strive to keep them informed and quickly make them aware of any setbacks we may face. You can trust Precision Exteriors to complete your job while remaining courteous, ethical, and professional.

Storm Damage Restoration in St. Paul, MN

When unpredictable hail, snow, thunderstorms, and strong winds hit St. Paul, home exteriors suffer. Every year many homeowners experience storm damage in St. Paul, MN, and must repair shingles, siding, gutters, windows, and other damages to their homes exterior. Homeowners turn to precision exteriors to complete these repairs so their home does not continue to experience additional damage. Without necessary repairs, you may have to contend with roof rot and other serious structural issues. Our storm damage repair experts can quickly assess the damage caused by the storm, and identify what must be repaired or replaced to keep your home protected. Many storm damage repairs are covered by homeowners insurance, so we will also act as an intermediary between you and your insurance company to ensure that you are reimbursed for all the necessary repairs.

St. Paul Roofing Services

Your home’s roof is responsible for keeping the rest of your home protected from the elements. A damaged roof is the quickest way to get water damage that can cause great harm and decrease the value of your home. If you’ve noticed that your St. Paul roof is leaking, missing shingles, or appears damaged in any way, act fast to protect your home. Precision Exteriors will happily provide a thorough assessment of the issue and an estimate for repairs. We offer new roof installation, roof repair, and emergency roof patching to our St. Paul clients. Don’t postpone roof repairs; contact our roofing experts in St. Paul right away to ensure you don’t end up with a bigger problem caused by water and storm damage.

Siding Installation in St. Paul

In Minnesota, siding can quickly become worn, warped, and cracked due to the extreme elements. The constant heating and cooling of the siding may affect its lifespan. When siding is damaged, water is allowed to permeate easily damaged materials like wood and insulation. What started as a relatively easy issue to resolve with siding repair or replacement quickly becomes a significant detriment to the homeowner.

Precision Exteriors helps clients repair and replace damaged siding to prevent water damage and other issues with their home’s exterior. We can complete a full replacement of your siding, or a partial replacement using a suitable color and material that matches your home. If your siding was damaged by extreme weather conditions, we’re happy to work with your homeowners insurance to document damage and provide a comprehensive estimate for the necessary repairs. Homeowners looking for siding repair or replacement in St. Paul MN can trust our team to get the job done right.

St. Paul Window Replacement

Your windows help define both your interior and exterior space. They are one of the only exterior features that also adds style to the interior of a home. However, windows are primarily rated based on their ability to protect the home from the elements and their energy efficiency, especially in Minnesota.

When a St. Paul homeowner decides to repair or replace their windows, Precision Exteriors works to find the most energy efficient and stylish windows in St. Paul MN for the home. Whether you are replacing old windows to cut down on your heating and cooling bills or because they are physically damaged, we will help you choose the best windows and install them properly to ensure they are appropriately sealed and protected from the weather.

Gutter Installation in St. Paul

Gutters play an important role by quickly diverting water from the roof and the rest of your home. When gutters have been damaged due to ice dams, weather, or time, they are unable to properly protect the home. This can lead to roof damage, siding issues, and water pooling around the home’s foundation.

If you’ve noticed that your gutters are not performing properly, now is the time to replace them. Precision Exteriors can easily and quickly conduct a partial or complete gutter system replacement in St. Paul MN to keep water away from your home and provide you with peace of mind.

Skilled St. Paul Exterior Restoration and Replacement Team

Is it time to repair or replace your roof, siding, gutters, or windows? Maybe your St. Paul home has recently experienced storm damage and you’re looking for experts to walk you through the necessary repairs? Contact our experienced team to learn more about the services we provide and to request a free assessment. Contact us for a free estimate.

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