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Eagan, MN Exterior Repair and Restoration

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Maintaining your home’s exterior is crucial in Eagan, Minnesota, as our weather conditions can cause severe wear and tear, including extensive storm damage. As your local exterior restoration and repair company in Eagan, Precision Exteriors is committed to delivering exceptional workmanship and service. Our team prides itself on its work ethic, transparency, and extensive experience as roofing and exterior contractors. When it’s time to repair or replace your Eagan home’s exterior, we’ll get it into tip-top shape quickly to prevent water damage and other serious issues.

Storm Damage Restoration in Eagan

Minnesota homeowners are familiar with the rain, snow, hail, and extreme winds that can cause damage to their homes. For better or worse, our weather can be drastic and sometimes storms are unpredictable. Whether it’s minor or severe, this storm damage must be repaired quickly to prevent further damage to the home. Precision Exteriors’ storm damage restoration team is skilled at thoroughly assessing the damage caused by extreme weather and creating a plan to fix the problem quickly.

In many cases, storm damage repairs are covered by insurance. Our team is happy to provide your homeowners insurance company with the necessary information to approve your claim and complete the repairs as soon as possible. From top to bottom – roofs to window wells – our storm damage restoration team has your home covered.

Eagan Roofing Services

Roofs face substantial wear and tear and potential storm damage. They are the first point of contact for rain and snow that can cause significant water damage if not quickly diverted from the home. In extreme cases, damaged roofs that are left unaddressed can even cause structural damage to the home.

Precision Exteriors is your trusted partner when it comes to repairing or replacing your roof due to age or damage it has sustained. Our team members are highly experienced in exterior restoration, repair, and replacement. We can quickly identify all issues with your roof and help you choose the right roofing materials to ensure a long-lasting roof that suits the look of your home. Throughout the project, we keep you informed and let you know about any issues that will affect our timeline. You can count on us for honest, respectful, and detail-oriented service.

Siding Installation in Eagan, MN

Missing or damaged siding is often responsible for damage caused to home exteriors in Eagan. All it takes is one cracked or missing piece of siding to allow water intrusion and access for rodents and pests. Additional damage is inevitable once the siding’s protection has been compromised.

The Precision Exteriors team has years of experience with new siding installation and siding repair and replacement. We take pride in our craftsmanship and customer service. Our team will keep you informed and clean our workspace as we go. If your siding replacement will be covered by homeowners insurance, we will work with your insurance company to ensure all necessary repairs are covered. These are just a few of the small yet essential things we do to set ourselves apart from other siding repair companies in Eagan.

Eagan Window Replacement

Window replacement customers in Eagan choose to install new windows for a variety of reasons. Energy efficiency is one of the biggest benefits of installing new windows. Your windows can make or break your home’s energy efficiency, which is especially important during Minnesota’s hot summers and freezing cold winters. Some homeowners prefer to update their window style or install windows made of materials that can withstand harsh weather because they’ve been experiencing water damage. Other homeowners in Eagan just want to update their windows’ style.

Regardless of your reasons for window replacement, Precision Exteriors offers hassle-free Eagan window replacement. We will suggest the best windows for your home based on energy efficiency, style, and durability. Our knowledge and experience allow us to always provide the highest quality customer service.

Gutter Installation in Eagan, Minnesota

Properly functioning gutters are often overlooked, which is a mistake for many homeowners. When gutters are damaged or missing, water is more likely to damage your home’s roof or siding or even seep into the home’s foundation. If you’ve noticed issues with your gutters, such as water pooling or gutters pulling away from the home, contact Precision Exteriors to quickly resolve the problem and keep your home protected against water and storm damage.

Our exceptional gutter repair technicians will assess your current gutter system to determine whether the issue calls for a partial or complete replacement. We’re masters at preventing improper drainage by diverting water far from your home’s foundation. Often, we can complete the project in a single day. Get in touch with our team to learn more about our gutter installation services.

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