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Roof and Gutter Spring Maintenance Tips + Checklist

February 25, 2023
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Roof and Gutter Spring Maintenance Tips + Checklist - Precision Exteriors Restoration

Spring is just around the corner! If you’re thinking about starting a spring cleaning and maintenance to-do list, make sure to include exterior maintenance. One of the most important areas to consider is your roof and gutters. These areas are often covered with autumn leaves which are then buried under snow all winter long. When spring comes around, it’s important to ensure your roof and gutters are clear of debris. 

Since it also tends to be the rainiest season, spring is also a great time to conduct a general roof and gutter inspection. If you spot damaged areas early on, you may be able to have them repaired quickly to avoid possible water damage. Take it from the pros – these roof maintenance tips can save you money and protect your home’s value.

Roof + Gutter Maintenance

The first step on your maintenance list is to clear out leaves, twigs, and other debris that has accumulated in your gutters. Clogged gutters can lead to water overflow, which can cause damage to your home’s foundation or even create leaks in your roof. Clean the downspouts to ensure that water flows away from your home’s foundation. You can use a garden hose to flush out any debris or buildup that may have accumulated in the downspouts. If you run into a serious clog, a plumber’s snake can clear it out quickly. 

Inspect both your roof and your gutter system for signs of damage or wear and tear. Use the checklist below to make sure you don’t miss anything. Keep an especially close eye out for cracks, rust, or holes in the gutters, and ensure that the gutters are securely attached to the home. When inspecting the roof, you should make note of any loose or missing shingles as well as any gaps in between the different roofing materials. If you notice any damage to your roof or gutters, it’s best to have it repaired or replaced by professional roof and gutter repair contractors.

Finally, consider installing gutter guards or screens to keep debris from accumulating in your gutters. These products can help reduce the need for frequent gutter cleaning and prevent clogs from occurring. Next spring you’ll be glad you took the time to install guards!

Roof Replacement Checklist

Check off the following to ensure you don’t need a roof replacement:

  • Water flows down the roof to the gutters and away from the home as intended.
  • Water does not pool on the roof or in gutters.
  • There is no visible damage to the roof – no loose shingles, gaps around chimneys, or loose roof granules in gutters.
  • You haven’t noticed any interior water damage, such as drips or water stains on ceilings. 

If you can’t check off all these statements, you may need to have your roof replaced. A roof replacement company like Precision Exteriors can help you quickly address the issue before spring’s melting snow and rain storms wreak havoc on your home. Contact our team to schedule a roof inspection and get a free estimate.

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