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Identifying + Preventing Ice Dams in Minnesota

January 26, 2023
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Identifying and Preventing Ice Dams in Minnesota - Precision Exteriors Restoration

Ice Dam Removal: Why They Matter + How To Prevent Them

Many of us know that we have to protect our homes from water damage in the summer thanks to rainy days, but some Minnesotans don’t know that roofs and gutters can also be damaged by water in the winter. It’s true that our precipitation usually comes in the form of snow in the colder months, but the heat from your home can actually melt the snow and cause an issue known as an ice dam. Here’s more about what you can do to prevent ice dams and what to do if they’ve damaged your home.

What is an ice dam?

An ice dam is an accumulation of water in your home’s gutter that freezes and can cause damage to the home. Ice dams can cause several issues for homeowners. Water damage is the biggest concern. If water can’t drain off the roof and into the gutter due to blockages, it may permeate the roofing materials and cause permanent water damage. Water stains on your ceiling are a big warning sign that your home may have ice dams, especially if they’re appearing in the winter. Another common issue associated with ice dams is damage to your gutters. When the water in the gutters freezes and expands, it can bend and warp your gutters.

What can you do about ice dams?

Many Minnesotans wonder how to prevent ice dams in roof valleys and gutters. There are a few things you can do to prevent ice dams. First, ensure your attic is properly insulated. Ice dams form when heat from the attic escapes, melting the snow on the roof. The water drains down into the gutters, where it re-freezes now that there is no longer a heat source. By properly insulating your home, you can prevent heat from escaping and ensure that ice dams won’t form. Many homeowners also use a roof rake for roof valley ice dam prevention. These can be used to remove snow before it has the chance to melt.

How is ice dam repair completed?

If you’re already experiencing ice dams in the winter, you’ll need to work with a roofing and gutter installation company in Minneapolis to take care of any damage that has occurred. Components of your roof may need to be replaced if there has been water damage. An ice dam roof leak doesn’t stop being a problem once the ice has melted in the spring; it will continue to allow water and moisture to enter your home year-round.

Gutters may also need to be replaced if they are warped or have pulled away from the roof line. Ice dams can affect your gutters’ ability to divert water away from your home year-round, so it’s important to resolve the issue as soon as possible in the spring before rain comes. If you’ve noticed ice dams this winter or have seen damage to your gutters or roof, contact Precision Exteriors. We’ll assess the damage and make the necessary fixes so your home doesn’t continue to be damaged by moisture and ice. Contact us for an estimate.

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